What is Oxygen Therapy?

With pollution on the rise as well as the plight of various diseases, more and more people have become prone to breathing difficulties. They have turned to various oxygen solutions to help them get by on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for emergencies, such as with a nebuliser, or oxygen therapy for everyday activities, it can have a great affect on you living a comfortable life. At Oxygen Solutions, we offer various types of oxygen solutions and accessories from oxygen tanks, masks, cannulas, to home oxygen machines and portable oxygen concentrators too.

Oxygen Therapy Basics

Essentially, Oxygen Therapy is a treatment for those who require help with breathing by providing them with extra oxygen. Oxygen is an essential requirement for humans for their internal organs to operate at optimum levels. However, due to various health issues and diseases, the amount of oxygen you are able to inhale naturally without assistance may be affected. It is at this stage that oxygen therapy comes into play. During oxygen therapy, you will be prescribed oxygen by your doctor for resting, during activities, and sleeping so that you receive the required amount of oxygen to ensure your body is working at optimum levels and you are comfortable.

Why Receive Oxygen Therapy Treatment

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases that is made up of a variety of lung health diseases, which results in difficulty breathing and more. These can include anything from emphysema, chronic bronchitis and more. By increasing the supply of oxygen to the lungs and bloodstream, you can counteract the symptoms and signs of your body not receiving enough oxygen. Other reasons why you should receive oxygen therapy treatment would be if you are suffering from lung cancer, ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a lung condition that lead to low oxygen levels in the blood), or even due to low oxygen levels caused by pneumonia or more.

Types of Oxygen Delivery Systems

When it comes to oxygen therapy, there are various solutions for you to choose from based on your requirement. The types of oxygen delivery systems include cylinders of oxygen and/or oxygen concentrators based on your need. Oxygen cylinders are available in varying sizes and can also be factored into portability. Such portable oxygen cylinders that are small can hold up to five hours of oxygen and be pulled around on a trolley. Oxygen concentrators work in a way that it uses the air in the environment to concentrate it and turn it into clean oxygen to be delivered to you directly via nasal prongs. With oxygen concentrators, you get the choice between home oxygen solutions and portable oxygen concentrators. The former are usually bulky and can range between 5lpm-10lpm based on your need and may be costlier than a POC (portable oxygen concentrator).

Oxygen Solutions

Visit the Oxygen Solutions Australia online shop to find out more information of the various types of oxygen solutions available. You have the option of either purchasing oxygen concentrators and POCs, or even hiring various oxygen cylinder systems, POCs, and oxygen accessories based on your requirement.