Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator At Home

If you are suffering from lung condition or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) that makes breathing difficult, you may be prescribed an oxygen solution such as an oxygen concentrator. Often, a home oxygen concentrator is chosen, however, when it comes to regaining your independence, and being on the go, portable oxygen concentrator are the perfect oxygen solutions!

In order for the patient’s ability to live their life as they used to and maintain their freedom of mobility outside of the home, a portable oxygen concentrator can definitely do the job. However, there are many factors are taken into consideration before a decision can be made in terms of hiring or purchasing portable oxygen concentrator as they tend to be expensive.

Oxygen delivery (whether pulse flow or continuous flow), use on airlines, sufficient battery life capabilities, compactness and warranty/servicing applies when making a purchase decision towards a portable oxygen concentrator often referred to as a POC for short. In comes as a relief that certain portable oxygen concentrators can do all of that more, including doubling up as a great choice of oxygen solution to be both used at home AND on the go.

The Inogen range of portable oxygen concentrators are ideal for both use at home and on the go, as they utilise the air in the environment to deliver concentrator oxygen to the recipient without the need for oxygen refills or carrying heavy oxygen tanks. The Inogen One G2 HF and Inogen One G3 are small and lightweight models that offer oxygen solutions for therapy on the go and at home for around the clock care. They can be battery operated or operated while plugged in. The advantage to these portable oxygen concentrators is that they offer a single solution that can address all your requirements. For instance, if you were to take in the above-mentioned factors for consideration when making a purchase decision for your oxygen solutions, the following will need to be addressed accordingly as given below.

Oxygen delivery: 5 litres of oxygen per minute, with 5 settings of intelligent pulse flow settings.

Use on airlines: The Inogen POCs are approved on 45 Airlines internationally.

Sufficient battery life capabilities: With the option of upgrading to double cell batteries and the ability to remove and replace primary batteries with secondary battery, you can go a long time without the need to recharge. By purchasing secondary batteries, you can easily plug in the adapter to charge and pop into the carry bag to use in case of emergency when an electrical outlet is not available for charging the POC.

Compactness: The Inogen One G2 HF and G3 are small and lightweight, weighing 2.18kg and 3.18kg respectively.

Warranty/servicing: Both Inogen One G2 HF and Inogen One G3 models of portable oxygen concentrators come with 3-year warranties, where Oxygen Solutions are authorised servicing agents for all Inogen Oxygen Solutions in Australia.

Cost: In terms of cost, you are able to acquire these POCs either new or pre-loved. The fact that they are available pre-loved makes it an affordable choice. Oxygen Solutions also offers a great promotion where you can rent to buy the units at affordable weekly rental rates. Please get in touch with Oxygen Solutions to find out more about this great offer!