Types of meditation for COPD patients

Although meditating is seen by most people as a form of religious or spiritual way of life, it can also be done for various personal reasons to facilitate major improvement on your health. At the beginning, it will be difficult to concentrate, but once your overcome this hurdle and achieve meditation, a refreshed and energized feeling will be felt. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other types of lung diseases, who have participated in meditation, disclosed to have seen an improvement in their health and mood.

Regular practice of meditation will have certainly improve your sleep patterns, immune system, endocrine and nervous system. It will help to breath more easily, reduce anxiety and depression and increase energy levels.

Although there are no negative side effects from meditation, it’s better to speak to your physician and get his advice on a specific meditation type that is suitable for you.



Mantra Meditation

This meditation is considered to be the best for those in the early stage of lung disease as those in the late stages will feel out of breath when chanting. It has been researched and found that this is a simple, cost-effective method that helps COPD patients to improve their quality of life.


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a daily form of meditation that involves one to be mindful, or beware of all activities and sounds around you. This is done by taking thoughts of the day out of your mind and listening to the birds chirping outside, or sounds of playing children. Concentrate on the progression of time between these sounds. This makes your mind to move from one thing to another, keeping it active and allowing you to relax and relieve stress.

Mindful meditation could be practiced while doing your daily chores. By being mindful of the sounds around you and physical sensation of your body, you can achieve this meditation and take your worries away from your disease. Mindful meditation is considered to be the best choice for those with COPD or lung disease at any stage of the disease.


Focused Meditation

This type of meditation is when the patient has to focus only on one thing. It could be in the form of sitting or resting in a room where you can relax listening to soothing music and focusing on a subject of interest. The energized feeling afterward will leave you feeling surprised


Spiritual Meditation

Religious people may feel relaxed and closer to their higher power with spiritual meditation. Likewise other meditation patterns, spiritual meditation helps to become quiet and focused.

Daily practice of meditation improves energy levels and overall mood and quality of life and it comes with zero negative side effects.


Oxygen Treatment



In the event your COPD is unstable and your blood oxygen level is low, oxygen treatment increases the amount of oxygen to flow into your lungs and bloodstream and assist you in breathing better and living longer.

It is not necessary to stay at home or in a hospital to use oxygen. Portable oxygen systems are available and can be used while doing your daily chores. A portable oxygen concentrator is a safe and effective way to manage COPD systems.