Top Smartphone Apps for COPD patients

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a progressive lung disease that cannot yet be completely cured by the modern medicine. But there are ways to keep it under control and living in relative comfort. However sticking to a treatment plan and self-care can be very tough sometimes, especially at times when you may lose motivation to do so. Apps available on your smartphone now can really help you keep your motivation up and remind you each step on your way now, making your life mush easier. The COPD navigator on iPhones and other apps that suit both iPhones and Android phones are now available to be downloaded in a single touch.

COPD Navigator

COPD navigator is an ios mobile health application that is very suitable for the purpose of monitoring your COPD. It uses care guidelines, behavioral science and patient data to do so. It helps you track the symptoms that include coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and how it affects your life and also outside components such as air pollution and weather. It gives your conditions in simple and easy to understand manner. It also monitors and gives data about your daily usage of inhalers, oxygen saturation level and peak flow, medical visits, emergency medical visits and any changes in medication you may have undergone. It will remind you to take your medicine at the proper time and by keeping your step count, motivate you to exercise more. However, you need an iPhone or iPod with ios 8 or later to support this app.

CORD Tracker

COPD tracker does the same as COPD navigator in terms of tracking your COPD symptoms and other components that may affect your health. It is supported on both iPhones and Android phones.

The State of Air App and Assist me with inhalers

In addition to the above COPD apps, there are also apps such as the state of air app designed by American Lung Association to check the air quality in your local area and provide tips on how you can fight for air. And the assist me with inhalers keeps track of your usage of inhalers. This is good to avoid over usage of inhalers.

It is good to have one app for all of these purposes so getting COPD Navigator or COPD tracker will be more convenient.

Oxygen need

One other benefit of using the COPD app is that it will let you know when you need the assistance of an oxygen device such as an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrators for the purpose of oxygen therapy. You can know when to use it through the information on your app screen; when your app indicates air pollution or low oxygen saturation in the air. Also, it could indicate to you when your breath is getting shorter while exercising so that you can lower your pace or get oxygen therapy while exercising. So you can make use of this new technology to live healthier and wiser.