Top five ways oxygen concentrators help you with COPD

Oxygen concentrators bring much-needed relief for persons suffering from breathing difficulties and complications in their lungs.

A bit about chronic pulmonary disease

A chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is a progressive disease is known to make breathing very difficult. It occurs as a result of breathing poisonous air or smoking over time so oxygen therapy is naturally a treatment to reverse the damage. Treatment includes first and foremost quitting smoking and any other harmful behavior. Doctor prescribed inhaler, exercise, counseling and oxygen therapy are all used to minimize the damage.

Live Long!

Oxygen is our main lifeline. If your COPD is bad then the chances are that the oxygen levels in your blood are low. In this situation using an oxygen concentrator can help increase the oxygen supply and help you live longer. Long term oxygen therapy is also effective in preventing right sided heart failure.


Long term oxygen therapy is very helpful in improving your day today wellbeing by enhancing the activities of body organs. Oxygen therapy is also found to improve memory problems, confusion and impaired kidney function. It can also improve your skin complexion. Ultimately with a better oxygen supply, you will obviously feel healthier and happier.

Facilitate Exercise!

Another use of oxygen concentrator is that it will help you exercise. It is known that our oxygen requirement is higher when we are active than resting. For some COPD patients, the blood oxygen level drops only while they exercise. Since exercise is prescribed for COPD you can use get help from your oxygen concentrator to complete your daily exercises. The portable oxygen concentrator which can be carried along with you will even allow you to go for lengthy walks and enjoy nature.

Help Travel!

The portable oxygen concentrator is there to help anyone with COPD to travel within and outside the country. It is easy to carry around with yourself and come with comfortable sizes, weights and carrying bags. Especially helpful in air travel as the drop in oxygen as the plane gains elevation is makes it difficult for COPD patients to breath. Portable oxygen concentrators are allowed on most airlines, cruise lines, and trains but it is advisable to check in advance.

Sleep better!

Sleep related breathing difficulties are common among patients suffering from COPD and can disrupt the amount of sleep you get. Your oxygen concentrator can help you here too making sure you receive proper oxygen supply during your sleep. This will be an added security for your life and health as when you sleep better you are healthier.

Oxygen concentrators have to play a big role in your COPD treatment plan. It is important to receive oxygen therapy according to the prescription of your doctor, to suit your activities and to see better results in the long run.