Top 5 yoga poses to keep you healthy

Yoga has become a very popular exercise in the last decade because of the health benefits that are received by doing yoga as well as because it is a much more relaxing and safe way to exercise. Yoga can be done at home or in a class under the guidance of a yoga master; till you are proficient enough to continue on your own. However, there are certain poses that you can master quite easily on your own. It is very beneficial for your lung health as it involves breathing deeply. This can pump up your circulation bringing overall good health. The ideal time to do yoga is in the morning to give your whole day a boost.

Standing Back Bent and Side Stretches

You should ideally start your exercises with this pose. This is done by raising your arms straight up and bending backward while exhaling. Then while exhaling let one hand slide down while the other hand remains raised. Allow your neck and head muscles to relax further and stretch the ribs and side of your body.

The Forward Fold

This pose is done by folding forward at the hip while exhaling and then allowing your knees to bend enough for your chest to come close to your thighs. Then relax your head and let it hang heavily. This pose stretches your lower spine and legs and allows the blood to flow easily into your brain, aiding the circulation system.

The Tree pose

This is done by keeping your legs apart at the hip distance with the toes planted deeply to help plant yourself firmly on the ground. Bring your hand together, inhale and bring one foot up, placing it one your calf or thigh. While exhaling, keep your balance and reach your arms to the sky. Stay in this position for five breathes. Then exhale, put your leg down and repeat with your other leg.


The Cat-Cow Pose

You have to come down to your hands and knees to do this so a yoga mat will be helpful. Your wrists have to be directly below the shoulders and make sure that the wrists are spread wide. The knees should be at a hip distance, with the top of the feet on the ground. Then inhale into the cow, which is the head and tailbone lift up, with the belly extending to the ground and the heart extending forward. Afterward while exhaling come into the cat position with the spine extending upwards and the chin tucked towards the chest.

The Down Dog

This is done by tucking your toes inside and lifting your tailbone toward the sky by dropping your head down. Then push into your hands to extend your spine further, draw your navel towards the ground and press the soles of your feet down towards the ground.


These are quite easy to master and can give you the perfect boost you need to get your day started. If you do suffer from any lung conditions you can do them with an oxygen concentrator close by.