Top 5 ways to quit smoking

Smoking is the biggest cause of lung damage and lung diseases including lung cancers. It is not only harmful to you but to others around you due to the second-hand smoke. It is an addiction that many find hard to quell after it latches on to your habits. But with proper motivation and method, it can be done. There are many popular recommendations out there that can help anyone looking to quit smoking.

Finding a reason to quit

Finding a reason to quit is even more important than deciding to quit as it is what will keep one motivated towards successfully quitting. It could be your health and appearance or the safety of your loved ones. It is said that the idea to quit should originate within you. So it is important to contemplate on your life beforehand. You can also keep a journal and write down your motivation and how you progress along the way. This way you can motivate yourself to quit.

Getting help from friends and family

If you already have not you should always confide in your friends and family about your intentions as they will do anything in their power to support you through this. Try to prioritize the people in your life over the urge to smoke. You could also seek the support of a therapist if you feel the need and if your addiction to smoke is related to other personal issues in your life. Getting support from others is always okay.

Small steps building to bigger

Some recommend taking it step by step; thus reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke slowly over time till you get used to going without the cigarettes. If you are used to one pack a day, then you can try to extend it over a week. In this way, you can easily manipulate yourself stop the cravings over time.

Woman breathing deep fresh air in the morning sunrise

Avoid temptations

It is very important to avoid triggers when you are in the process of avoiding the temptation to light up. Switching routines are said to be a good way to drop your habits. If you are used to smoking while drinking alcohol or coffee it might be useful to drop those habits along with the smoking. It might be useful to switch to tea and other beverages. It will also be helpful to replace clubbing with home gatherings and parties with friends who will support you.


There is no need to fear medication when battling addiction. There are pills and nicotine patches in the market that can help with the chemical craving. If all else fails you should resolve to the medication. You can also resort to the help from a doctor as well in getting advice and prescribed treatment for nicotine addiction.

It is also important to be patient with yourself and others around you when going through the process. But keep up the determination and motivation with any or all the steps above to reach the target you want to reach.