Top 5 reasons why you will love the Airsep POC

Airsep is one of many brands of oxygen concentrators that make breathing easier to those of us who are facing breathing difficulties due to lung diseases or pulmonary related diseases. These conditions can make daily life very difficult however your life and health both will improve by receiving oxygen therapy. The airsep POC is the Australia’s number one portable oxygen concentrator because of many reasons.


One of the main reasons why you will love the airsep POC is its portability. As the name implies airsep POC is a portable oxygen concentrator that is built with the lightness and compactness that helps it to be easily carried around on a person wherever he or she may go. It is also already approved for in-flight use so you need not need to hassle when preparing to fly. All you need to do it just board the flight and enjoy your oxygen through the flight.

oxygen solutionsAirsep FreeStyle poc oxygen concentrator


The airsep POC is also known to be the lightest portable oxygen concentrator available in the market; weighing only 0.8kg. This is very beneficial for a frequent user of oxygen therapy because you can take your oxygen around you everywhere with the least amount of trouble. It is also beneficial for your physique as it will give the least strain to your shoulders when carrying it around. You can enjoy your hikes, walks or jogs now with the least hassle. This is also beneficial for school going children or those going to work daily who need to carry the oxygen daily to do so in the least troublesome manner. The length and the width of the oxygen concentrator are specified as 12.2 cm into 6.1 cm; which can be useful when a backpack or side bag to carry your oxygen concentrator.

oxygen solutions AirSep Focus oxygen concentrator

Battery Efficiency

The airsep POC is also very power efficient and can run non-stop for three hours on one charge; one and a half hour for each battery. There is an optional AirBelt available for extended battery durations. So you can actually use it for a longer duration, whilst sticking to the number of hours of oxygen therapy that is prescribed by the doctor. It can operate on rechargeable batteries so that your expense on buying batteries is cut down. Also, there will be less of an environmental impact as you would not have to dispose of batteries.

oxygen solution Airsep-SeQual-Eclipse-5 oxygen concentrator

Efficient Oxygen Flow

The airsep POC is also known to deliver one to two liters of oxygen per minute. Oxygen is also delivered with a pulse dose delivery system. With a 90% oxygen concentration, it will help you breath better and feel better in no time.

Long Warranty Period

Last but not least the airsep POC comes with a three year long warranty period. The external Focus battery, AirBelt and external power cartridge are covered for one year warranty period. So hurry up and grab your own airsep POC to breathe in comfort and ease.