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Top 5 Exercises To Keep You Fit And Asthma Free

Asthma is a lung disease that can affect somebody at any age. Most cases of asthma are hereditary. But there are instances where asthma occurs due to external causes such as smoking or breathing polluted air for a long time. Either way, asthma is a very tedious condition that leaves you in the state of permanent fatigue. Chronic asthma can even be life threatening if proper treatment is not given in time. Exercise is very important in keeping asthma attacks at bay. However, in some cases, asthma occurs only as an exercise-induced state so in those cases it is good to be careful about your limits. There are many exercises you can harmlessly engage in to improve your health.

Walking and strolling

One of the best ways to exercise as a patient is walking. It is not tiring and as long as you keep a comfortable pace you will not induce an asthma attack. A walk down the lane you live in is both very convenient and gives you plenty of relaxation. As you gain strength you can even embark on a hike. Another important convenience of walking as exercise is that you can easily carry a portable oxygen concentrator with yourself to have an extra supply of oxygen at hand.


Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are said to be very beneficial for lung disease patients. You can do it at home whilst receiving oxygen therapy. There are many exercises to fight breathlessness including pursed lip breathing and diaphragm breathing. In pursed lip breathing one is supposed to lean forward and breathe out through pursed lips which help the diaphragm to contract fully. Diaphragm breathing can be done by lying on the ground with a weight on your tummy. Thus each time you breathe the weight will be carried up and down. This workout can strengthen your diaphragm muscles.



Yoga involves a lot of breathing exercises as well. However, it involves exercise and stretches that allow the strengthening of all of the muscles in your body. You can practice each asana on your own time while focusing on your breathing. Yoga is famous for relaxing and strengthening your body at the same time.



Swimming is also another form of exercise that allows your lungs to become stronger as well as to relax your body. But you must be careful to do it when your asthma is under control. It is advisable to have a coach or at least a friend who knows to swim with you while you engage in swimming. If being cold induces your asthma you must make sure to make your swim short and to get dry fast.


Mild Jogs

Jogging also should only be engaged with when your asthma is under control. However, a mild jog will not do much harm and it can quickly clear your lungs to breathe better and faster. Yu can also carry your portable oxygen concentrator while you jog. If that is too harassing you can opt for a home thread mill to do your jogging.