Woman breathing deep fresh air in the morning sunrise

Tips for Healthy Lungs

More and often than not, we tend to take what we have for granted. That includes the simple task of breathing. However, those who have difficulty breathing will tell you how you should take care of your lungs from the get-go! Your body is able to protect your lungs from the likes of germs and dirt naturally; however, there are many ways for you to lower your risks of lung disease. We at Oxygen Solutions care about you and these tips for healthy lungs will tell you how!

No Smoking

Smoking is the leading cause for emphysema, and many other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). It causes your air passages to narrow making it more difficult to breathe and even chronic inflammation (which is a stepping-stone to chronic bronchitis). Overtime, you may be at risk of developing lung cancer. Therefore, one tip for healthy lungs is to quit smoking.

Avoid Exposure to Pollution

Pollutants can easily make it difficult for you to breathe from second-hand smoke, air pollution, even chemicals found at home or elsewhere (radon gas is something not many are aware of but could be fatal). If you are having symptoms, it is a good idea to speak to a healthcare provider and have these areas tested for pollutants that could be making you sick.

Infection Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, but with lung disease, there may not always be a cure. Therefore, prevention is definitely better. When it comes down to protecting yourself from the risk of infection, the following tips can keep your lungs healthy.

  • Washing your hands with soap and water. Do this often to help lower the risk of spreading germs. If you are not able to wash, consider an alcohol-based cleanser.
  • Avoiding crowds during flu or cold season. You can also get influenza vaccinations and even the pneumonia vaccine.
  • Maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day. Also, check in with your dentist twice annually.
  • If you are sick, keep the spread of infection to a minimal by staying home until you are better.
  • If you already have the likes of the wheeze or asthma, do not share your inhalers or other medical accessories such as nasal cannula, prongs or mask with others. Make sure to wash them after use to minimise spread of germs.


Certain exercises can greatly improve the quality of your breathing, your lung capacity, as well as lung function. The likes of breathing techniques such as pursed lip breathing can help improve your breathing as well as help you relax.

Regular Checkups

Making sure you are indeed keeping your lungs healthy is essential. Often lung disease are silent and can creep up on your without symptoms. Therefore, make sure that you have regular checkups to check in and take care of your health.

If you are having difficulty breathing, make sure you speak to your healthcare providers. In the event you are in need of a little assistance to help you breathe, speak to us at Oxygen Solutions to find the best options for you. Our Oxygen Specialists are ready to help.