The Best Way To Travel With Your Oxygen Equipment

Oxygen means vitality for a human being. We live by breathing in oxygen through our lungs which are then transported through our circulation to each and every organ. When one is encumbered by a lung disease this system is disrupted causing discomfort and fatigue. In serious cases, it can even lead to organ failure. So regaining your ability breath and supply yourself with that vital oxygen is very necessary. Oxygen therapy is one crucial element in this path of recovery of lung health.

Oxygen therapy and travel

Oxygen therapy is the use of an oxygen equipment or oxygen solution to help you breathe more oxygen thus ending your oxygen depreciation. Oxygen equipment includes oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, and portable oxygen concentrators. With oxygen equipment at hand, your life immediately becomes easier, allowing you to engage in any type of activity and mood that you would engage in if not affected by the fatigue that is accompanied with being a lung patient. That means you can engage in leisure, exercise, and even travel. If you are a travel enthusiastic who was not meant to be in one place, this surely would be the greatest relief, because now you can roam around within your country or outside with no deliberation.

Best way to travel with your oxygen equipment

Traveling with a load of oxygen equipment may seem troublesome. But it is not so at all. You just need to make one important decision of purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator, rather than an at home oxygen concentrator. Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to be light, compact, space-saving and efficient. Inogen produces the lightest and most efficient portable oxygen concentrators. You can carry your Inogen concentrator in a simple backpack or side bag. Another important detail is that you must check whether the airline or cruise ship that you plan to travel in allows you to carry an oxygen concentrator on your person, prior to the booking. However many airlines and ships now permit their travelers to carry oxygen equipment so chances of disturbance to your plans are less.


Carrying your oxygen concentrators

As mentioned earlier the best way to carry your portable oxygen concentrator is in a sturdy backpack or side bag. Oxygen Solutions also offers choices of such backpacks and side bags as accessories for their line of oxygen concentrators. With such an accessory you can be guaranteed with the safety of your equipment.

How to pick your portable oxygen concentrator

Oxygen Solutions are the only authorized distributor for the Inogen one in Australia. It has nine showrooms around Sydney and easy facilities to shop online. They also offer free shipping anywhere within Australia. So you can get your travel suitable concentrator quite easily. If you are planning to travel for only a short holiday and will not be in need of a portable oxygen concentrator in the long term then you can opt to hire one as well.