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Meet the Respironics EverFlo 5

This easy to use Respironics EverFlo oxygen therapy device is one of the quietest and light weight floor concentrators available in Australia. It will provide up to 5 Litres of Oxygen per minute. This in home oxygen therapy machine is designed to be used in a domestic setting and operates on 240V power.


Features include

  • Humidifier Storage compartment, which keeps tubing conveniently available for use
  • Metal Cannula connector for greater durability
  • User friendly Interface panel with On/Off switch and alarm indicators
  • Recessed Flow Meter reduces the risk of breakage
  • Visual and audible alarms for safety
  • OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm
  • 36 months Warranty
  • Low Noise Levels minimise impact on daily life
  • Easy to move, lift and transport
  • Ergonomic design enhances durability and practicality of use
  • Monitors and alarms provide assurance of a reliable continuous supply of oxygen
Respironics EverFlo 5 

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Respironics EverFlo 5 Specifications

  • Weight: 14kg
  • Depth: 24cm
  • Width: 38cm
  • Height: 58cm
  • Oxygen Flow: Continuous Flow technology
  • Flow Range 0 – 5LPM
  • Sound Level: 51 dBA
  • Outlet Pressure: 5.5psi
  • Operating Altitude: up to 2250m
  • Power Consumption 295 Watts
Philips EverFlo 5

Respironics EverFlo 5 Pricing

We guarantee the lowest Respironics EverFlo 5 price in Australia.
  • Experience customer service like no other with our 24/7 Emergency Oxygen Support Line
  • Inclusive 5 year parts and labour manufacturers warranty
  • Accessories include: The Respironics EverFlo 5 system, AC power supply, nasal cannula
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