Most people who are affected with COPD or lung ailments need to take supplementary oxygen to live a normal life. A portable mini therapy is the best solution for those who look forward to leading a normal and active life.

Products & Benefits

Simply Go Mini and Inogen One G4 are two renowned portable oxygen therapy products. These are ideal devices for people who are not limited to one place as these are lightweight, portable oxygen concentrators with a high output giving medical grade oxygen even when you are on the move.

Simply Go Mini is one of the best portable oxygen therapy devices, the packaging is awesome as it is concealed in an easy to carry bag with the provision of a shoulder strap which helps the user to carry the device across the body or over the shoulder. The shoulder strap could also be used to place the device across the handles of a wheelchair or walker.


Mobility scooter users could easily carry a mini portable therapy unit in the front basket while assuring there is enough ventilation to take in the fresh air, put out the nitrogen and cool the device.

It can also be carried in a practical backpack if the user needs to walk or participate in any type of sports or social activities. Since the weight does not usually exceed 2.7kg the user will not feel the weight on the back.

Battery Power and Accessories

The Inogen One is renowned for long battery life and the user does not have to worry about changing tanks or running short of oxygen when being out of the house. Some devices include 1×8 cell rechargeable lithium batteries, carry bag and strap, AC power supply, mobile charger and a nasal cannula.


The Simply Go Mini beats all other portable oxygen concentrators of the same size available in the market. It has a battery life up to 8 hours on a setting of 2 assuring the user of a trouble-free day.-

Capacity Gauge

It is important to understand and get to know whether your oxygen needs could change over time before a portable oxygen concentrator is purchased.

Although some may not need to increase their dose of oxygen, various medical conditions could result in an increase in a person’s oxygen requirements.

The Simply Go Mini comes in handy here as it has a pulse setting from 1 to 5, providing capacity for the future in the event of an increase in the oxygen dosage.


These devices are guaranteed with an excellent warranty of 3 years. Although battery and accessories have 90 days warranty, these rarely experience any problem.


User-friendly Screen

Turning the device on and off is with two simple presses on the button and the backlit display screen helps to see the settings and battery life.

TGA approved

All mini portable oxygen concentrators are approved for sale and use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and also allowed for air travel by most airlines. However, before travelling it is recommended to check with the airline whether it is permitted.