Oxygen Therapy for your Health

Oxygen is necessary to sustain our lives and good health. Even though in our day to day life we tend to take breathing in oxygen for granted we feel how crucial it is when we are facing breathing difficulties, for example when running or climbing up to a higher altitude. There are also those of us who feel breathing difficulties more often, such as those us with pneumonia, severe asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Oxygen Therapy as Prescribed by a Doctor

Oxygen therapy is a treatment for the above-mentioned conditions that helps you absorb enough oxygen for your body by supplying extra oxygen. It is important to consult a doctor when you have some sort of breathing difficulty so that he can decide whether you should receive oxygen therapy and if so how many hours a day. The doctors may have to carry out some tests such as the arterial blood gas test and a pulse oximetry test before deciding whether your blood oxygen levels are low.

Oxygen Containers

Oxygen can be received through oxygen cylinders or through oxygen concentrators, which use either nasal cannulas or face masks to deliver oxygen into your airway. Depending on how many hours of oxygen therapy you need you can decide whether to have it in the hospital or at home. For long term oxygen therapy it is advisable to buy your own oxygen concentrator or cylinder.

Oxygen Therapy to recover your Health

Receiving oxygen could help your body function and feel better. As your organs will receive enough oxygen, including your lungs, heart and brain, the chances of them malfunctioning is considerably lower. So the chances of getting strokes too are low. So it could be an actor to increase your lifespan especially if you have a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Healthy Life is a Happy Life

Oxygen therapy can reduce the feeling of fatigue that comes along with not receiving enough oxygen. It can also improve sleep for people with sleep-related breathing difficulties. You can also use oxygen therapy while exercising. As exercise helps your lung activity it will be double improvement on your health. So you can be more active, happier and healthier when you receive oxygen therapy.

Inogen G3 Oxygen Therapy COPD Allergies


You can carry your oxygen concentrator or cylinder around in a backpack or on a wheeler when you travel. Most airlines and trains allow passengers to carry their oxygen equipment on board. You can also take walks or hike accompanied by your oxygen concentrator. This will certainly allow you to feel less constricted while receiving your treatment. As healthy mind leads to overall health make sure to engage in outings and activities that best relax you.


It is also important that when using an oxygen concentrator on a long term basis that you take the necessary safety precautions like keeping it away from fire and regularly checking for leaks in the piping. The overall result of having oxygen therapy is that it will improve your health and let you enjoy life more and more.