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Oxygen Therapy For Those Diagnosed With COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects a person’s ability to breathe normally which can cause his or her state of overall health to deteriorate. This is because the lack of oxygen can disrupt the activities of other organs in the body such as the heart and the kidneys. Breathing difficulties can make daily tasks difficult as you will feel fatigued often. COPD can occur due to hereditary reasons, pollution, smoking, and infections. Following a healthy life pattern and receiving proper treatment can help to lessen the effects of COPD.

Treatment for COPD

Treatment for COPD involves multiple paths including healthy diet and exercise. Medical attention is compulsory as well. Oxygen therapy is another path that one can follow to mitigate the effects of COPD. Oxygen therapy is receiving extra oxygen into your respiratory system with the help of an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator. With time oxygen therapy can even help you to restore your respiratory system to a better condition. It helps to make your circulation system become more efficient so that your physique and mood is improved. This means that your appetite, the amount of sleep you get and the amount of exercise you are capable of receiving also improves. This means an improvement in your overall health.

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How to receive oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy can be received with the help of an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator; however oxygen concentrators are proven to be more effective and convenient for the user. There are also separate portable oxygen concentrators for those of who are more mobile and would be traveling often. They are compact in size so that you can carry it comfortably around you in a small backpack or side bag. The oxygen will be supplied to your nose from the tubes connected to the oxygen concentrator. If you are using an at home oxygen concentrator you just need to plug into the room that you will be occupying and you can receive your oxygen while engaging in a relaxing task. You can also receive oxygen therapy while engaging in exercises like yoga or even taking a jog or hiking. It is important to remember that oxygen therapy is most effective when done alongside medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle. Oxygen therapy itself should be administered under the prescription of a medical officer. He or she can prescribe the amount and frequency of oxygen needed for your condition.

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Buying your oxygen concentrator

As a COPD patient, it is advisable to have your own oxygen concentrator at hand so that you need not make a hospital visit to receive your oxygen therapy. It will also prove useful during an emergency wheezing attack. You can easily purchase your oxygen concentrator at the ILS Oxygen Solutions showrooms available across Sydney or order it online by visiting their web page. Oxygen Solutions provide the best oxygen equipment in Australia including Inogen, and Airsep oxygen concentrators. Inogen offers Australia’s number one portable oxygen concentrators which are approved by over 45 airlines to travel overseas.