Oxygen Therapy at Home

Oxygen therapy is a type of alternative medicine that offers treatment to patients who are suffering from shortness of breath, breathing issues or those who suffer from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The extra oxygen that is provided to your body via the likes of an oxygen concentrator (whether it’s a home or portable oxygen concentrator) can help make life more comfortable and offer you better quality of life.

There are many aspects to oxygen therapy, as it requires a prescription from your doctor following an examination and test results (such as an arterial gas  test and an oximetry test) to finalise on a prognosis. Therefore, medical and home care equipment companies such as Oxygen Solutions make it a point to request an Oxygen Therapy prescription, in order to offer and guide their clients with the best possible oxygen solution for their needs.

How a Home Oxygen Concentrator Works

One of the most convenient devices to use for supplemented oxygen therapy at home would be a home oxygen concentrator (though portable oxygen concentrators are also ideal for their compact and lightweight nature). What a home oxygen concentrator does is it concentrates the air in your home to offer you purified oxygen that allows you to lead an active and better life if you suffer from low blood oxygen levels.

The way it works is quite simple where these non-bulky and convenient devices do not require refills but actually use the air in the environment. Simply a home oxygen concentrator takes in the surrounding air into the device, compresses it, removes the nitrogen and then delivers the purified oxygen via the aid of a nasal cannula.

Using a Home Oxygen Concentrator

Home oxygen concentrators need to be powered via electricity; therefore, it will need to be plugged in. A HOC is an ideal oxygen solution for those who have been prescribed oxygen therapy as treatment for low blood oxygen levels, oxygen deprived sleep and COPD. However, they are best suited for resting and sleeping. Delivery of the oxygen will be via nasal cannula, whereby you may find that you may be limited to that area of the HOC when it is in use (either that room or the house you are in). However, you are able to move around provided you choose a nasal cannula and tubing that is convenient for moving about; often, long cannula options will allow you to move around the home as opposed to just the space/room the HOC will be in.

Best Choices of Home Oxygen Concentrators

Though portable oxygen concentrators and home oxygen concentrators essentially operate the same way  it differs in their intended use based on the location – for use at home or on the go! While a POC is compact and lightweight enough to travel with, a HOC is ideal for moving around your home and may be too cumbersome to travel with. In addition, a home oxygen concentrator predominantly is a continuous flow oxygen delivery system. The following are some of the best home oxygen concentrators available via Independent Living Specialists;

Respironics SimplyGo 5

Respironics EverFlo 5 

AirSep VisionAire 5

    Respironics-SimplyGo-5  Respironics-EverFlo-5  Airesep-VisionAire-5

Airsep SeQual Eclipse 5

AirSep NewLife Intensity 10

oxygen solution Airsep-SeQual-Eclipse-5 oxygen concentrator  Airsep10-NL-Intensity