Oxygen solutions in Australia

Oxygen Solutions is the Australia’s official distributor and the only authorized service center for the Inogen One oxygen concentrators. Oxygen Concentrators allow anyone with breathing difficulties to breathe normally by supplying a flow of oxygen. The practice of receiving oxygen by the help of an oxygen solution is called oxygen therapy and is very beneficial and even therapeutic to patients with lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancers. They are also known to be beneficial for heart patients with ailments such as severe angina and heart failure.

Oxygen therapy and benefits

Oxygen therapy can be very beneficial for anyone with lung and heart diseases. It should be followed according to the prescription by a doctor or medical officer. It provides you better appetite, better sleep and increases your stamina to exercise. It can also help you travel anywhere you want and be independent and fearless. It is very beneficial for youth and children who are ailing with respiratory issues as well to be active and happy. Oxygen concentrators are lighter and more efficient than oxygen solutions making your oxygen treatment very convenient for you. Portable oxygen concentrators are especially convenient as you can travel with it. So you should really consider getting one through Oxygen Solutions to help yourself or your loved one to enjoy life to the fullest.


The Inogen oxygen concentrators

Inogen is the foremost brand among brands of oxygen concentrators providing quality at home and portable oxygen concentrators with high tech capabilities to make your life easy. Inogen provides the lightest and most efficient oxygen concentrators at the lowest prices. Oxygen Solutions provide a range of Inogen oxygen concentrators including the Inogen at home, Inogen One G2HF, Inogen G3HF and the Inogen G4.

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More about Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen Solutions is hundred percent an Australian company that supplies a wide variety of oxygen equipment for both hire and purchase. Oxygen equipment available includes oxygen concentrators of many brands and types like Inogen, Respironics, and Airsep. You can order or hire at leisure by visiting their web page where they also provide friendly service and valued information to the customers through their blog. They provide respiratory consultants around Australia, so you can trial your oxygen concentrator from your home with their help before purchasing it. They also have respiratory specialists all around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth so there is no fear in getting the suitable oxygen equipment for your ailment.


Servicing your Oxygen Concentrator

Once you get your preferred oxygen concentrator with instructions to use you can again depend on Oxygen Solutions for the service needs of your oxygen equipment. They carry annual services and full warranty and no warranty repairs for Inogen, Airsep, and Respironics. They also offer a three-day turnaround and a courtesy loan unit while the repairs are going on. Oxygen Solutions is accredited to be the only servicing agent for the Inogen One in Australia. This is why Oxygen Solutions is the most reliable and customer friendly provider of oxygen equipment for your needs.