Oxygen Solutions and Accessories

When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. At Oxygen Solutions, we feel you and your pain. This is why we offer you the ability to either buy or hire oxygen solutions to make your life more comfortable. Oxygen Solutions Australia offers the likes of home and portable oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, accessories and more.  Let’s find out how we can help you with your breathing difficulties with these oxygen solutions and accessories.

Oxygen Cylinders

As the first type and most affordable of oxygen solutions, oxygen cylinders are still popular amongst some despite their size, and weight. These vary in size and require refill, and thus best hired through Oxygen Solutions. The following include the options available to you.


C size 406 Cylinder with Pulse Dose Conserver & Bag

Product Code: C 406 01Price $50 per 4 weeks hire. $15 refill*

C size 406 Cylinder with Continuous Flow Regulator & Bag


Product Code: C 406 03 Price $34 per 4 week hire. $15 refill*

C size 406 Cylinder with Pulse Dose Conserver & Trolley

Product Code: C 406 02: Price $55 per 4 week hire. $15 refill*

Oxygen Cylinder Refill

Product Code Refill C Size: C 406: Price: $15*

Product Code Refill D Size: D SM02: Price:$42*

Product Code Refill E Size: E C02: Price :$50*

Oxygen Cylinder with Regulator

Product Code D Size: D SM01 : Price: $58 per 4 week hire

Product Code E Size: E C01: Price: $64 per 4 week hire

*These rates are as of March 2016; please refer to the Oxygen Cylinders webpage for updated pricing


Home Oxygen Solutions

One of the most common types of oxygen solutions that doctors prescribe would be home oxygen solutions that deliver up to 5LPM or 10LPM based on your requirement. These can vary between continuous flow and pulse delivery of oxygen. These can vary between oxygen cylinders (as mentioned above) and floor oxygen concentrators, which utilises the air in the environment to concentrate into quality oxygen. At Oxygen Solutions, you are free to choose between the following.


Inogen at Home



AirSep VisionAire 5



AirSep NewLife Intensity 10



 Respironics EverFlo 5



Portable Oxygen Concentrators

These portable oxygen concentrators offer 5LPM and allow you to maintain your freedom without the worry of weight and refills. A POC works much like a home oxygen concentrator where it concentrates the air in the environment to deliver healthy oxygen.


Inogen G2 HF

Lightweight, wheeled with accessory, 8 hours (24 cell battery) between charges, and allowed on flights



Inogen G3

Lightweight, wheeled with accessory, 9 hours (16 cell battery) between charges, and allowed on flights



AirSep Sequal Eclipse 5

5 hours between charges


AirSep Focus
The lightest, with 3 hours between charges


 AirSep FreeStyle

3-3.5 hours between charges



Respironics SimplyGo 5

Lightweight, wheeled with accessory, 4-5 hours between charges, and allowed on flights


Accessories for Travel

When you are looking forward to regaining your independence, whether you are using an oxygen cylinder or a portable oxygen concentrator, there are oxygen solutions accessories that can make your life even easier. These include the likes of the following.


Products Oxygen Solutions Accessories for Travel
Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys D or E Size Cylinder TrolleyC size Cylinder Trolley
Oxygen Cylinder Bag
Inogen G2 Inogen One G2 Carry BagInogen One G2 BackpackInogen One G2 Cart
Inogen G3 Inogen One G3 BackpackInogen G2 Cart can be used for the Inogen G3 as well.


Other Accessories

Other vital accessories to ensure the delivery of oxygen include the likes of cannulas, oxygen masks, tubing and more.