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Oxygen Accessories for Your Oxygen Solutions

The Lung Foundation Australia’s slogan reads “when you can’t breathe…. nothing else matters”, and this is very true. When you find it difficult to breathe, your body goes through a variety of scenarios, one that includes panic. For those who suffer from breathing difficult and symptoms of COPDs, or are asthmatic, the use of oxygen solutions can greatly help in improving quality of life. However, these oxygen solutions would not be of use if you didn’t have the right type of oxygen accessories. Today, we look at the various oxygen accessories available with our products available for purchase or hire through Oxygen Solutions Australia!

Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Masks, and Tubing

Oxygen Accessory Solutions

When it comes to making sure oxygen get delivered to the patient in question, be it an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen cylinder, the likes of nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, and tubing comes into play. Without these accessories, proper oxygen delivery may not be possible.

Oxygen Cylinder Accessories


Suction therapy is part of the Suction and Oxygen Therapy treatment, where the likes of a suction pump is used in oro-pharangeal, naso-gastric, surgical suctioning and chest drainage instances. At Oxygen Solutions, you can purchase two types; a standard collection bottle and tubing kit, or the DeVilbiss Homecare Suction unit. Also, to ensure that the oxygen flow is controlled there are various types of oxygen accessories to help with pulse dose or continuous oxygen delivery when using oxygen cylinders as your oxygen therapy option. These include the likes of a bull nose flow meter, bull nose regulator, pulse dose converter and even a n oxygen dial regulator/flow meter. Apart from the above accessories, you also get the option of acquiring transportation accessories for the oxygen cylinder tanks from trolleys, bags and more.

Pulse Oximeter


A pulse oximeter device is used to measure blood saturation levels and heart rate, where COPD and Congestive Heart Failure patients, asthmatics can find useful.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

Oxygen Solutions POrtable Oxygen Concentrator Acccessories

Oxygen Solutions Australia offers a great range of portable oxygen concentrators from various brands such as Inogen, AirSep, and Respironics! Being the Inogen oxygen solutions distributors for Australia, we also offer a great range of POC accessories to make life easier including the likes of Inogen G2/G3 batteries, carry bags, backpacks, power supplies and more!


A nebuliser can greatly help an asthmatic person breathe better. The Micro Elite Compressor Nebuliser System by Philips Respironics is a handheld portable option that helps promote active lifestyles.

With more and more oxygen solutions being introduced into the Australian market, those who suffer from breathing difficulties will find themselves able to life a more independent and active lifestyles with these oxygen solutions and also by making positive changes too. Find out more information more information on Oxygen Solutions in the Knowledge Base section of the website! Don’t forget to read the Oxygen Education blog for more insight into COPD, Oxygen Therapy, Exercise and Diet Changes and much more to turn your life around for a better future while taking care of your lungs!