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Adult Venturi

Adult Venturi Mask with Diluter and 2.1m Tubing
  • Product Code: S0299
  • Price $8.95
  • Adult Venturi Mask with adjustable diluter and 2.1m of tubing
Universal Oxy Mask

Universal Oxygen Mask
  • Product Code: S1770
  • Price $5.50
  • Medical plastic oxygen masks are used primarily by medical care providers for oxygen therapy because they are disposable and so reduce cleaning costs and infection risks.
Kink Free Tubing


Oxygen Kink Free Tubing
  • Product Codes: S053, S054, S070, S1588
  • Lengths: 2.1m, 5m, 10m, 15m
  • Price: $5.95, $12.95, $17.25, $19.95
  • Kink free oxygen tubing is a thin, plastic tube that delivers oxygen directly to a patient from an oxygen source.
Nasal Cannula
Nasal Cannula
  • Product Code: S0176
  • Bundles: Single, 12 Pack
  • Price: $3.95, $39.50
  • Soft, transparent, odour free vinyl to ensure the best fit and optimal user comfort.

D or E Size Cylinder Trolley
  • Product Code: D OJ43
  • Price $UPDATE
  • D or E Size Cylinder Trolley.

Continuous Flow Regulator 0-15LPM
  • Product Code: CONL44
  • Price $UPDATE
  • The simple but effective design and ease of use makes this single stage regulator a very low maintenance yet high performing product – one that can be used in a variety of environments

C size Cylinder Trolley
  • Product Code: CYLK44
  • Price $UPDATE
  • Trolley to suit C size cylinder.

Pulse Dose Conserver
  • Product Code: PULW44
  • Price $UPDATE
  • Featuring pulse dose technology, the PD1000 is a smaller, more compact and attractive unit. With an extremely light weight design and true 3:1 savings, the PD1000 delivers high efficiency and improved clinical benefits. It features quiet operation and has been found to be less irritating to patients. Impact-resistant materials are used in the conserver’s outer covering making it not only durable but attractive as well.

Oxygen Dial Regulator / Flowmeter
  • Product Code: S2415
  • Price $345
  • The world’s most compact and convenient dial regulator from Precision Medical. The Easy/Dial Regulator is only 108mm long and weighs a mere (220g) as a result of the offset gauge and the new multi-spring technology.


Twin O Vac Regulator
  • Product Code: S3098
  • Price $UPDATE
  • The simple but effective design and ease of use makes this single stage regulator a very low maintenance yet high performing product – one that can be used in a variety of environments.

Rossmax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Product Code: ROSR44
  • Price $UPDATE
  • The Rossmax Pulse Oximeter is able to provide precise measurement of the blood saturation levels through simple attachment to the finger tip, the ambient flaps design eliminates ambient light effecting the accuracy of the readings.

Suction Pump Collection Kit
  • Code: SUC046
  • Price $UPDATE
  • Collection Bottle and Tubing Connection Kit.

Suction Pump
  • Product Code: SUCO46
  • Price $UPDATE
  • The DeVilbiss Homecare Suction Unit series is designed to fit the active life styles of today’s customers.
Inogen G2 Carry Bag

Inogen One G2 Carry Bag
  • Product Code: S1136
  • Price $99
  • Custom bag with adjustable shoulder straps for carrying the Inogen G2. May be used alone or in conjunction with the Inogen G2 Cart. Large pocket for carrying accessories and personal items.
Inogen G2 Back Pack

Inogen One G2 Backpack
  • Product Code: S7043
  • Price $215
  • Inogen One G2 backpack is a well-designed product allowing active oxygen patients maximum comfort enabling the freedom of using both hands.
Inogen G2 Battery

Inogen One G2 Battery
  • Product Code: S080 (12 cell)
  • Product Code: S2088 (24 cell)
  • Price 12 cell: $395
  • Price 24 cell: $595
  • 24/7 Lithion-ion battery – 8 hour duration set on a setting 2.
Inogen DC Power Supply

Inogen One G2 DC Power Supply
  • Product Code: S8318
  • Price $225
  • The Inogen One Universal Power Supply with DC cord powers both the Inogen One and the G2. It provides the correct electricity to power your Inogen unit. It will charge your Inogen battery when it is used with any DC power source that can be found in almost all vehicles, RVs and boats.
Inogen AC Power Supply

Inogen One G2 AC Power Supply
  • Product Code: S8287
  • Price $225
  • Any Inogen concentrator can only be connected to an electrical outlet using the universal AC power supply. While other plugs may fit, they could damage your Inogen. With a long, flexible cord, your Inogen AC Power Supply will power the Inogen and charge your battery while plugged into an electrical outlet. An extra power supply is useful for travel or to have in case you have multiple locations you frequent and don’t want to take your one power supply with you. Works with the G1, G2 and G3.

Micro Elite Compressor Nebuliser System
  • Product Code: MICU47
  • Price $395
  • Proven jet nebulizer technology and a small, compact size combine to make MicroElite uniquely portable and convenient. Half the size of other common portables, it is easy to use and transport. Coupled with quick treatment times, MicroElite provides nebulizer patients with portability and speed that combine to optimize treatment and promote active lifestyles.