Inogen one G4

Meet the brand new Inogen G4

Oxygen therapy is now a very popular treatment pattern for people who are affected by breathing difficulties or lung diseases. Oxygen therapy can help those affected by chronic lung conditions including asthma, emphysema, and pulmonary conditions. Oxygen therapy is basically receiving extra oxygen to your lungs with the help of a machine, most popularly an oxygen concentrator. For those with oxygen needs, it is a time to be excited because a new Inogen; the Inogene One G4 has just been released to the market and is available for you to purchase.

What is special about the Inogen One G4?

Inogen is one of the foremost brands producing oxygen equipment, including both home and portable oxygen concentrators that guarantee results. The Inogen One G4 is the most powerful oxygen concentrator out in the market. It is designed to give you oxygen 24/7 which is very unique in oxygen concentrators as well. It is also very elegant in design with a display screen at ready to inform you any changes in setting. Furthermore, it is also the lightest oxygen concentrator, weighing only 1.27-kilo grams. It is 30% lighter in weight than the previous Inogen; the Inogen One G3. So it is super portable and you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. Because of the small size, it will not disrupt your movement or attract peoples’ attention in an unnecessary manner. It is also ultra-quiet which further helps it to be less conspicuous and will carry out the operation without hindering any of your work.

The pulse flow delivery

The Inogen G4 is also designed to provide oxygen in a pulse-flow delivery system. So it does not deliver oxygen in a continuous flow but has different settings from 1-3. The standard delivery intelligent technology detects your breath and provides oxygen for matching your breathing with sharp accuracy. This will be even more beneficial when you are exercising or even jogging where the Inogen will respond to the changes in your breathing and the rate of breathing automatically without you having to adjust it mid-jog. So with an Inogen G4 at your side you have nothing to fear about your breathing condition, you can be as free as you will.



Oxygen on the go or at home

With the Inogen G4, you can receive oxygen at home in relaxation or on the go and even while you are dealing with stressful situations like work. Oxygen concentrators are allowed on most aircraft and cruise ships so you can easily travel abroad without any worries about your hectic breathing patterns now. Since the new Inogen is super compact and tiny you can easily fit it in your back pack, handbag or small shoulders pouch.

Using your Inogen will improve your health on a long term basis as well; improving your lung condition, mental awareness, stamina and helping you gain more sleep. So it is high time you order your own Inogen G4.