Maintaining Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators are relievers for people suffering from lung conditions and breathing problems. But portable oxygen concentrators facilitate mobility for patients, to move freely while receiving their required oxygen supply.

Things to consider when buying one

There are important factors to consider when buying a portable oxygen concentrator such as oxygen delivery (whether pulse flow or continuous flow), battery life, compactness and warranty. Compactness is important in terms of ease of carrying the device around and warranty to guarantee a long time of use without any complications. Most brands of oxygen concentrators offer three years of warranty periods.

Safety precautions in usage

Placement of the oxygen concentrator is an important factor in to consider in terms of overall safety. Oxygen concentrators should not be kept close to fires or smoke as oxygen is highly flammable. Also, one should be careful not to spill water or other liquids over the machine. The machine should not be dragged over rough terrain damaging the wheels. It is very advisable to use a voltage stabiliser when charging oxygen concentrators to prevent any harm from voltage fluctuations in the power supply.

Regular maintenance

Although oxygen concentrators are built to run twenty-four hours sometimes they could heat up or stop abruptly. Therefore, it’s better to give it twenty to thirty period of resting time after each seven to eight hour period of continuous usage.

It is advisable to carry out regular performance checks to be aware of any malfunctions and fix them. Internal filters of the machine have to be replaced when necessary. It is also important to clean external filters regularly if there are any. It is also important to regularly check whether there are any leaks from the tubes or from near the oxygen outlet.

The outside cabinet can be cleaned with mild household cleaner and wiped dry without letting any liquid sweep in.

Tips for travelling

When you are travelling with an oxygen concentrator there are some details to check beforehand. Batteries should be fully charged. Double cell batteries usually offer eight to nine hours of battery power so it is advisable to purchase a machine with double cell batteries. Having an extra battery with you too is a good precaution.

Most airlines and cruise ships allow portable oxygen concentrators on board but it is recommended to call and check in advance. Same should be done when travelling by train. As oxygen concentrators use the air around it is necessary to have an open window or vent inside air conditioned vehicles.

As with any piece of equipment, it is important to take the due steps of maintenance and precautions to ensure the longevity of the portable oxygen concentrator so that it could provide you with the highest service for the longest time.