Lung Health Issues

Lung health issues can affect anybody, no matter your age due to the various types of lung diseases and various ways your respiratory system can be affected. However, what makes the difference is catching these lung health issues early with their respective warning signs and symptoms. By catching lung health issues early on, you will be able to take action in terms of how to prevent further damage and also to improve quality of life with oxygen solutions to manage symptoms.

For many, the most commons warning sign is a cough that is difficult to get rid of or a recurring wheeze. Even the mildest of symptoms can make the difference. If something feels off, then it’s always a good idea to get it checked out, especially if it does not feel like the usual common cold or cough. Many people assume that lung health issues only affect the elderly, but that is not so. COPDs, asthma, lung cancer and other lung diseases can affect just about anyone. By noting down the differences in the symptoms, it can give you the chance at treatment before a lung disease progresses to a life-threatening point.

The following include warning signs and symptoms that can potentially mean you are at risk or suffering from a lung disease.

Chronic Cough:  If you are suffering from a cough that lasts close to a month or even longer, then it’s considered chronic. Usually, with a medication a common cough would have been treated by then. If it hasn’t, you should considered getting further diagnosed.

Shortness of Breath: Obviously, you need your lungs to be working well to breathe well. Often when there is something wrong, you may suffer from shortness of breath. If you are unable to recover back to what is normal after cessation of an exertion, then it may be a cause for concern. However, if breathing is laboured or extremely difficult, that too is a warning sign and should be dealt with immediately.

Chronic Mucus Production: Sputum or phlegm, commonly referred to as mucus is what is produced by the airways to deal with pollutants or things that might irritate the respiratory system. Much like the chronic cough, if you have had an excessive mucus production for a month or more, then it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

Wheezing: Breathing noisily is often connected with wheezing, where there may be a blockage in the lung’s airways or if the airways have become narrower.

Coughing Up Blood: Blood in your respiratory system is an extreme cause for concern and should be treated. Based on the location of where the blood is coming from will let you know what the lung health issue is.

Chronic Chest Pain: If you are suffering from chest pain for a month or more, often when you breathe or cough, it is a cause for concern.

If you have any of these symptoms, you may suffering from lung health issues. Make sure you see your doctor or health professional to get diagnosed and start with a treatment plan. If you require assistance with breathing, consider Oxygen Solutions for your needs.