A Guide to Living with COPD

We’re passionate about giving comfort to those who have trouble breathing. Most of you may know that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a debilitating condition that can really restrict one’s quality of life. We recently put together a guide for those diagnosed with or wanting to learn all about COPD. This post is an extract from the start of this guide, for the complete guide contact us at


A Guide to Living with COPD

Living with COPD is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing COPD. It is suitable for patients newly diagnosed with COPD, individuals who suspect they might be affected by COPD, carers of COPD patients, and anyone who wishes to learn more about chronic lung disease and how it can be effectively managed in daily life. The purpose of this book is to guide you through the what, why and how of COPD and equip you with the information you need to effectively manage your journey through COPD and improve your quality of life.

Understanding your illness will better equip you to manage it, so with the reader’s comprehension in mind, this book will explain in simple terms how the lungs work normally and how lungs affected by COPD might be impaired. Medical terminology can be confusing and difficult to remember, but with diagrams, simple, comprehensive explanations and a glossary of terms, this book will guide you smoothly through the A-Z of COPD terminology. These are the words which are listed in the glossary at the end of the text.

As well as informing you with a basic medical understanding of COPD, the disease is explained here in terms of its impact and effects on your daily life. If you are diagnosed with COPD it will be necessary to make some lifestyle changes (for the better!) in order to feel the best you can, and this is where you’ll learn a variety of skills to help you manage the symptoms of COPD head-on. We’ll talk through things like quitting smoking, and the different smoking cessation treatments available; about maximising daily physical activity to improve lung health; and learn breathing techniques to increase oxygen intake. All of the activities discussed and demonstrated in this guide are designed to improve your lung condition and heart and muscle strength, to help you feel great every day.

You will learn about the healthcare professionals who can assist you on your journey and about the importance of surrounding yourself with a team of professionals you feel comfortable with. The roles of these professionals are briefly addressed, and a chapter of Useful Resources lists just some of the associations, websites, videos and support groups available to contribute to your care. You are also invited to consider a positive outlook as the most important tool in combating COPD, because despite its pervasiveness, COPD is manageable and it is possible to live a full and fulfilling life with COPD.

A big part of improving and maintaining a high quality of life for COPD patients is to equip them with the right medical oxygen. If you’re not familiar with the kinds of equipment available or not sure which oxygen concentrator is right for you – or even if you don’t know what an oxygen concentrator is – don’t panic. You will find a brief list of some of the best products available for purchase in Australia in Chapter 6, along with a short rundown of the best uses for each product. This way you will be able to find the most comfortable and convenient oxygen concentrator for your circumstances.

I hope that this guide helps to alleviate some of the fear and mystery surrounding COPD by providing accessible information about the disease. Here, you should feel well-informed, well-guided and supported on your journey through COPD and upon completion of reading Living with COPD, I hope that you are better equipped to manage your disease and seek help from the appropriate sources.