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How do I arrange an Oxygen Prescription?

A prescription for home oxygen therapy should be prescribed to you by one the following specialists: thoracic physician; specialist physician; oncologist; palliative care physician; respiratory nurse practitioner*. For patients in rural and remote areas, a general practitioner or respiratory nurse can prescribe you for oxygen*.

Prescription of home oxygen should be based on blood gas measurements, except for patients who have had episodes of life-threatening asthma despite appropriate and supervised maintenance therapy. Home oxygen may be prescribed to you for continuous or intermittent use.

An oxygen prescription will include the following details.

  • Recommended minimum hours per day for oxygen use
  • Flow rate at rest
  • Flow rate during activity
  • Flow rate while sleeping

The aim of oxygen therapy is to increase low levels of oxygen in your blood, to relax blood vessels in the lungs, and to avoid any long term problems that chronic low-oxygen levels can cause.


*with a designated specialist endorsement.