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Can I take a POC on a flight or a cruise?

Yes, most cruise companies as well as national and international airlines permit Oxygen Solutions supplied portable oxygen concentrators to be carried on-board. We have created a list of approved airlines however always double check with your airline prior to flying.

Please inform your travel agent, airline or ship / cruise company about your portable oxygen requirements prior to your travel.



Oxygen and travel insurance

If your condition is pre-existing oxygen equipment will generally not be covered in your travel insurance. However if the condition is identified while traveling you may be covered for some oxygen. Always check with your policy conditions prior to departing on your vacation.


Be especially careful when using a private travel insurer. This is from the QBE Travellers Medical Appraisal Form:

We WILL NOT PAY any claim if you are aged 70 years of over at the time the Certificate of Insurance is to be issued or a claim arising as a result of, or exacerbated by, or consequential upon your existing medical condition UNLESS you have applied for cover, we have agreed to cover you and you have paid any additional amount payable we ask for. The amount payable may include administrative costs and any risk based surcharges applicable to your application.