Meet Bahram

Meet Bahram our Workshop Manager

Inogen recommend that their portable oxygen concentrators are serviced once a year to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency. Importantly if a fault is starting to form it’ll generally be picked up before it fails. The last thing anyone wants is for an oxygen machine to fail and cause a disruption to your oxygen supply.

That’s where Bahram comes in. Bahram has been the workshop manager for Oxygen Solutions and the ILS Group since 2006 and ensures that all units in for service are maintained to the high standards expected from an Inogen medical device. After your unit has been serviced it is put through 24 hours of additional testing where oxygen output is measured. We maintain Australia’s largest inventory of Inogen One spare parts so whatever the problem we can fix it for you quickly.

To ensure your oxygen supply remains uninterrupted we also supply loan units for you to use while we service your Inogen One.