An Inogen One being serviced by Bahram in our workshop

So what happens when you get your oxygen concentrator serviced? In our Sydney based service centre your Inogen One will undergo the following checks.

  1. Your Inogen One will be tested by a fully qualified technician.
  2. We will conduct full oxygen analysis and ensure that your machines oxygen purity is maintained to the highest Thoracic Society standards.
  3. Your Inogen One will have oxygen pressures tested over a period of 24 hours.
  4. All filters will be replaced.
  5. The unit will be cleaned of any build-up of dust and pollen.
  6. We will supply you with three new nasal prongs and ten meters of tubing.

Inogen recommend you service your Inogen One G2 or G3 POC annually. To book your Inogen in for a service call our friendly team on 1300 160 512.