Inogen is easily one of the outstanding pioneers in the oxygen industry who triggered a drastic change in oxygen therapy with their first portable concentrator. Since then, the Inogen one has not looked back.

Inogen One G-4

Inogen brand has now introduced Inogen one G-4 which is the smallest portable oxygen concentrator to the Australian market. It is able to provide oxygen delivery in an astonishingly small and quiet pack. Ranging from 1-3 flow settings and created to provide oxygen any time of the day and where ever the user is stationed. Inogen’s exclusive intelligent delivery technology sets it away from competition. This original system detects a breath quickly and transfers oxygen in the first 400 milliseconds. This is urgently important as this period is when the maximum gas exchange happens in the lungs. Distributing oxygen at the beginning of a breath makes sure that the oxygen is used by the body efficiently to the maximum.


Working Instructions

The Inogen One G-4 operates very quietly and the sound produced is less than a normal conversation a person has indoors. This way it can be assured that no one will be disturbed when the oxygen concentrator is being used and the user is bound to feel more relaxed and comfortable in a social environment. It is also excellent to be used in quiet surroundings where the user will not be noticeable.

24/7 Oxygen Solution

The Inogen One G-4 detects your breath cycle and provides oxygen 24/7. The intelligent delivery detects the breathing pattern accurately and regulates the oxygen level appropriately. If a user is physically active or exercising, smaller, quick bursts of oxygen will be provided by the unit to exhilarate the stamina needed. On the other hand, when a person is asleep or resting, the system infuses larger doses of oxygen moderately to complement with the reduced breathing pattern. Separate oxygen systems for the day and night will not be needed with the G4.

Most Powerful and tiniest portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Inogen One G4 is officially recognized as the tiniest and lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. At 1.27kg with a single battery, it weighs 40% lesser than the Inogen One G3 and approximately half the size too.


Battery Power Duration

If it is operated on a single battery, the power will last up to 2 hours on a setting of 2 and a double battery power will last up to 4.5 hours on a setting of 2.

Additional Features

Inogen One G-4 features are inclusive of 3 years warranty, 20,000hr compressor life, no tanks to be refilled, air travel hassle elimination, pulse dose technology applicable for people prescribed to use up to 2LPM-2.5LPM, Extended run-time battery up to 8 hours on a single charge and clinically proven and appropriate to be taken along anywhere to be used day and night.

Independent Living Specialist’s Oxygen Solutions provide a wide array of portable oxygen concentrators for those who require oxygen depending on lifestyle and environment.