Why it’s a good idea to have a spare Inogen One Battery

If you’ve made plans to explore other parts of the world there are a couple of things we would like to say to you. Firstly. Congratulations! We love to travel at Oxygen Solutions and what makes our day is the knowledge that what we are doing is really providing value to the oxygen dependent community. We’re love that using an Inogen One enables our customers to travel and explore the world.

To ensure you have a great trip make we do recommend you spend a little time preparing the oxygen supply for your vacation. So make sure to check these few small things before your holiday and enjoy.

  1. Does your airline allow the use of a portable oxygen concentrator?
  2. Have you asked your airline to sit you in a seat with power point access?
  3. Have you packed a power converter / adapter?
  4. Will you need a spare Inogen One battery?

To help you along it’s good to know that most major airlines allow the use of an Inogen however our advice is always to check and while you’re at it ask for a seat with power. Now unless you are traveling to New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea or Tokelau you are probably going to need a power plug adapter. Lastly if you intend to be ‘off-the-grid’ for an extended period of time try and remember that the Inogen One G3 battery life is up-to 4 hours if you are using an 8-cell battery and up-to 8 hours if you use a 16-cell. It might be worth packing a spare battery for your Inogen if you think you’ll need one.

To order a spare or replacement battery you can call us on 1300 160 512.