How To Find The Best Oxygen Solutions In Australia

Oxygen is a necessity that cannot be forgone by any living being. We take in oxygen to our blood stream through our lungs through breathing. However, when the lungs are affected by a lung disease this ability to absorb oxygen into our blood stream is compromised. There are many types of lung diseases that affect the people nowadays including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. This disruption to the absorption of oxygen to the body can cause weakness, fatigue, and even organ failure. Oxygen therapy is known treat lung diseases to help those who suffer from them breathe more easily.

Oxygen therapy; how it is done

Oxygen therapy is receiving a supply of oxygen through the assistance of an oxygen solution such as an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator. Tubes are attached to the nose and sometimes even face masks are used to help one breathe. However, oxygen therapy should be done with the prescription of a doctor or a medical officer. Oxygen will enhance your physical and mental capabilities, considerably improving your daily life.

Oxygen Solutions in Australia

Oxygen solutions of Independent Living Specialists provide the best solutions in Australia with no risks. Oxygen Solutions is hundred percent an Australian company with service centers island wide. It is also the official Australian distributor and the only authorized service center of Inogen One which is the world’s most popular portable oxygen concentrator. Oxygen Solutions also has respiratory consultants around Australia providing trials for portable oxygen concentrators in the comfort of your home. Oxygen Solutions provide the wide variety of oxygen equipment including Oxygen concentrators, cylinders, and accessories with nationwide sales and support. Popular brands of oxygen equipment include Inogen, Airsep, and Respironics.

Inogen oxygen concentrators

Inogen portable oxygen concentrators are the most popular brand of POC available in the market today. Portable oxygen concentrators are smaller in size and can be carried around in a backpack or side bag with much ease, unlike oxygen cylinders which are heavy and large. The Inogen one is light, quiet and energy efficient. It comes with a three year warranty period with guaranteed service. Inogen is also equipped with pulse rate system which is sensitive to your rate of breathing and supplies oxygen at a similar rate so that you can breathe at ease without feeling overwhelmed by oxygen. The Inogen One G2 HF is approved in over 45 airlines so it can facilitate you to travel more without being inhibited by your lung condition.

Inogen G3 Oxygen Therapy COPD Allergies

Inogen at Home

If you prefer to have an at home oxygen concentrator you can opt for Inogen at Home. It is lighter than most other oxygen concentrators and can be easily moved around your house. The small size only takes a limited space at your home. It is extremely quiet and very energy efficient only consuming up to 300 dollars in electricity per year.  And by buying at Oxygen Solutions you can be guaranteed of the lowest price in Australia.