How to control your asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that is quite common for adult and children. Asthma is commonly caused due to hereditary factors, allergies, breathing polluted air and smoking. The symptoms of asthma include; coughing, wheezing and chest tightness. Sometimes asthma is called bronchial asthma or reactive airway disease. It can be very painful, tiring and sometimes life threatening. However, asthma can be controlled with proper treatment and children can even outgrow it over the years.

Treatment for Asthma

There are many ways to treat asthma attacks. You must consult a doctor to find the best method of treatment. It could include using a nebulizer, using a nebulizer or using medication. Control inhalers can be used whether you’re having asthma symptoms or not. They contain medications that help control inflammation, which can help prevent flares and keep symptoms from getting worse. An asthma nebulizer can easily deliver medication to the children and elderly asthma patients. However, oxygen therapy can also be used at the moment of an asthma attack to make sure your oxygen supply is not cut down. This can protect your vital organs and save any permanent damage.

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How Oxygen Therapy Works

Oxygen therapy is basically increasing a patient’s oxygen supply through oxygen cylinders or oxygen concentrators. You can get both types in many brands and designs through Oxygen Solutions. Oxygen Solutions offer a wide range of oxygen therapy equipment available for both hire and purchase.  Oxygen therapy can be used during an attack and even on a regular daily basis, according to your doctor’s prescription. Receiving oxygen therapy daily will strengthen your mind and body, give you better sleep, appetite, and exercise and allow you to hold back asthma attacks beforehand. You must get your doctor’s advice how best to do it and if recommended it will be easier to hire or purchase your own oxygen equipment.

Oxygen Concentrators at Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen concentrators are much more convenient to handle than conventional oxygen cylinders. Oxygen Solutions provide both home and portable oxygen concentrators at a fair price, good service, and dependability. Oxygen Solutions is the official Australian distributor and the only authorized service center of the Inogen One, the world’s most popular portable oxygen concentrator and the professional’s choice for mobile oxygen therapy. Portable oxygen concentrators are useful as they can be used on the go, whilst exercising or even when going out of the country.

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More Brands, More Oxygen!

There are many more brands and choices for you to pick from. The Inogen G3 portable oxygen concentrator, for example, can be used both at home and on the move. It can give you the independence that you’ve been missing. And the new Inogen At Home is one of the lightest, quietest, and most energy-efficient 5 liters per minute continuous flow oxygen concentrator on the market today. So make sure you pick the right one to suit your needs and help you maintain the treatment.