Back on your feet

How the Inogen at home can help you regain your health

Inogen is one of the foremost brands of oxygen concentrators available today, providing oxygen therapy to many who face breathing difficulties and chronic lung diseases every day. Oxygen therapy is basically receiving an extra oxygen supply to your lungs in cases of oxygen deprivation; to ensure one’s good health and wellbeing.

Inogen At Home

Inogen at home is the foremost oxygen concentrator that is built to provide you oxygen therapy at home. They are light, quiet and very efficient and will provide you oxygen therapy at home without you even noticing it. The newest Inogen at home is guaranteed to be energy efficient; saving up to 300 dollars’ worth electricity in a year and providing 5 litres per minute in a continuous flow. Thus it is also the greener and environment-friendly choice, especially as you do not have the trouble of disposing cylinders that you may face when using oxygen cylinders. It is also extremely light and compact and can be placed anywhere in the house without cramping up space. You can even carry it from room to room with or even from house to house; especially when you go on holiday.

Oxygen Therapy with Inogen At Home

Oxygen therapy should be received at a doctor’s prescription which will detail how many hours a day you need it, as suitable to your condition. Oxygen therapy is proven to be helpful to many lung diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and emphysema. A benefit of having Inogen at home is that you will not have to drive to the hospital every day to receive your oxygen therapy. This will reduce the considerable amount of stress and you can receive your treatment at home in relaxation while reading a book or engaging in any other activity of your liking.


Oxygen Therapy while Sleeping and Exercising

In some instances, people with lung diseases experience a worsening of their symptoms when they exercise or sleep. This may hamper the amount of exercise and sleep you may receive. Another benefit of having Inogen at home is that you can receive oxygen therapy while doing your yoga at home or while sleeping which will ensure that you get proper sleep and exercise; which is crucial for your wellbeing.


For Emergency Situations

Having Oxygen therapy available at home is also beneficial during emergency situations like having a sudden asthma attack. By receiving oxygen therapy in such situation you can minimize any harm from the attack without having to rush to the hospital first; especially if the hospital is far away. This could be lifesaving as well as oxygen therapy can lower the chances of organ damage due to oxygen deprivation during an attack of wheezing and even reduce the chances of going into cardiac arrest. So it is very beneficial to have to user-friendly Inogen at home to ensure your wellbeing and a long and healthy life.