The first thing to do before deciding to purchase any form of supplementary oxygen is to check with your doctor whether it is an actual requirement. Each individual’s oxygen requirement varies according to the person’s physical health. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of your supplementary oxygen requirement is very important.

Researching the market regarding the different products is a smart move as considering a low price purchase is not wise resulting in not being able to service 2nd hand units or even claim any issues due to non-warranty. Customer service support will also be non- existent if it has not been purchased from a reputed company.


The benefit of purchasing/hiring from a reputed company

Purchasing/hiring an oxygen concentrator from a reputed company has many benefits.

• Best customer service and support from specialists dealing with oxygen concentrators.
• Guarantees to help if the unit requires servicing as this device needs to be serviced from time to time.
• Helps you to find the best oxygen concentrator as per your prescription and lifestyle requirements.

Due to the frequent prescription of supplementary oxygen over the past few years, availability of 2nd hand units for sale/hire has increased. The price reduction in comparison to a new unit is within reach of anyone on a tight budget. It is very important to be careful before resorting to purchasing 2nd hand units for the first time use.

Medical Consultation

Firstly it is important to consult a doctor if a person is experiencing breathing difficulties. Breathlessness could even be due to an untreated issue with the heart resulting in the heart not pumping oxygenated blood to the rest of the body from the lungs. Therefore, it is important to refrain from purchasing/hiring an oxygen concentrator without consulting the doctor concerned.

In Australia, it is a legal requirement for all establishments that sell oxygen concentrators to ensure that a customer has a prescription for the oxygen. Supplementary oxygen is assumed to be a medication or prescribed drug and this requirement was made legal to protect people from misuse and be sure that it will medically benefit the user. An oxygen concentrator is treated as a medical device and all the units sold have to be approved and checked by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Oxygen therapy can help with COPD

Oxygen therapy can help with COPD

Health risk of excessive oxygen

Using a supplementary oxygen when it is not necessary could be dangerous to your health. There are certain people who are carbon dioxide retainers. This condition is found mainly in people who are afflicted with some type of lung issues. Therefore, taking in more oxygen will result in a person producing more carbon dioxide due to cellular metabolism. Since the lungs are already not functioning properly, the removal of carbon dioxide while exhaling becomes less effective.

Warranty of second-hand units

A second-hand unit is very rarely sold with a warranty. The only information you get is from the seller and will never know if the unit has been serviced etc.

Usually, a warranty is applicable only to the original buyer and not transferable. Replacing parts and servicing are costly and the sieve bed/filter of this device has to be replaced close to a year according to usage. However, an oxygen concentrator is a mechanical device and it is bound to wear and tear over time.