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Frequently Asked Questions About the Inogen Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen oxygen concentrators are provided through ILS Oxygen Solutions as a salvation for those burdened by lung diseases or any other difficulties in breathing that could be a hindrance to your daily activities. Oxygen Concentrators supply extra oxygen to your lungs and are therapeutic and comforting for lung patients of any age. They are also easier to use or carry than oxygen concentrators. Inogen is one of the foremost brands of Oxygen concentrators out there. There are many models of Inogen oxygen concentrators to pick from in the market today varying from the Inogen at Home to the brand new Inogen G4. We will explore some of the pressing questions that customers purchase when considering purchasing an Inogen.

How will Inogen Benefit me?

Oxygen therapy is therapeutic to many lung diseases and conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic asthma and chronic bronchitis among others. Oxygen therapy can be received at home or on the go with a portable oxygen concentrator. Receiving ample oxygen can make your organs function normally, improve your heart activity and overall make you feel healthier and more active. If you normally struggle to get the exercise you can do so whilst receiving oxygen so that you may not fatigue easily. Oxygen therapy can also make you sleep better and improve your appetite adding to your overall health.

Do I need a prescription to use an oxygen concentrator?

You do need a doctor’s prescription to receive oxygen therapy. A full diagnosis and physiological assessment with the inclusion of blood gas tests are necessary to conclude whether oxygen therapy will benefit your condition. In addition, the doctor will also recommend the amount of oxygen you should receive per day and other details such as the pulse rate of receiving oxygen therapy.Inogen one G4

What is the difference between pulse flow and continuous flow?

Pulse flow mechanism in Inogen is actually more precise and beneficial. Pulse flow system is more sensitive to your breathing pattern and will deliver oxygen accordingly. This will ensure that there is no waste of oxygen. And it is more akin to natural breathing so you will feel more comfortable breathing.

Do I get an Inogen at Home or a Portable Inogen Concentrator?

This will depend mostly on your habits. If you are very physically active or an avid traveler you need a portable Oxygen Concentrator. The new Inogen G4 will actually fit into a side bag and can be easily taken wherever you may need to go. The Home Inogen at home will give you freedom to go about attending your daily tasks whilst receiving oxygen. It is also lighter and more efficient than any other oxygen concentrator.


How to purchase an Inogen Oxygen Concentrator?

You can purchase any Inogen products through Independent Living Specialists who offer the best prices and warranties for their products. They also provide free delivery for online purchases Australia wide. The Inogen G2HF and G3 HF are up for sale right now so hurry up and grab your chance while it lasts.