Safety with oxygen in the home

Fire Safety Precautions While Using a Home Oxygen Concentrator

Fire Safety Precautions While Using a Home Oxygen Concentrator

If you have been advised to use a home oxygen concentrator for medical purposes, it is crucial that you first familiarise yourself with one of the most basic aspects of oxygen usage – taking proper precautionary measures.

When handled correctly, oxygen is a safe, non-explosive gas. However under the right (or wrong) circumstances, an oxygen enriched atmosphere can facilitate ignition so an existing fire will spread further faster and any material that is already burning will burn even more rapidly. The only way to prevent any fire-related disaster in your home is to strictly observe the following recommended precautions.

Keep All Ignition Sources Away From the Concentrator

Keep all sources of ignition such as lighters as matchsticks as far away as possible from the oxygen concentrator. Better still, keep them out of the room in which the device is being used. If you have any family or friends who smoke, display ‘No Smoking’ signs prominently around the room so they do not absent-mindedly light up while in your room.

Keep All Oil, Grease and Greasy Substances Away From the Concentrator

When oil, grease or any greasy substance comes in contact with oxygen under pressure, there is a risk of sparking a spontaneous violent ignition. To reduce this risk it is important to keep all of these substances as far away as possible not just from the oxygen concentrator but also the tubing, connections and all other oxygen-related equipment. Do not use any type of lubricant on the oxygen concentrator unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer.

Never Leave the Oxygen Concentrator On and Unattended

An oxygen concentrator should never be left unattended when it is on. If you need to leave the room, make sure the device is switched off before you leave. A concentrator could spark off an ignition because of any of the above mentioned reasons and if nobody is in the room to switch it off, the uninterrupted oxygen flow will keep feeding the flames of the fire.

Observing the recommended safety precautions will allow you to benefit from using a home oxygen concentrator without having to worry about any possible fire-related disaster.