Best Oxygen Solutions for Air Travel

If you are a COPD (Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease) patient receiving medical treatment that includes supplemented oxygen, you may have heard that air travel often involves decreased air pressure and lower oxygen levels therefore making it difficult to breathe. But there is good news. Air travel is on the cards with a little help from in-flight oxygen supplementation via portable oxygen concentrators that have been pre-approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Essentially, when you travel by airplane, reaching a high altitude causes the air pressure to drop, thus decreasing the amount of oxygen in the air. Whilst this is not noticeable to normal travellers, those with underlying lung diseases such as COPD patients will feel the effect of the change with symptoms showing exertion thus having to be supplemented by emergency oxygen.   Therefore, if and when you are planning for air travel, COPD patients or people at risk should visit the doctor beforehand to discuss option such as the use of a portable oxygen concentrator during the flight. Once you receive the go-ahead, you can first look into purchasing or hiring a portable oxygen concentrator for air travel and then checking with the airline whether they are allowed.

Some of the best oxygen solutions for air travel include the Inogen, Airsep and Respironics brands, which come with various models to fit your unique  requirement and budget. While all of these portable oxygen solutions are available for purchase, only the Inogen (the No.1 portable oxygen concentrator brand in Australia) is available for hire.

Inogen Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen models which are small, quiet and importantly lightweight offer Intelligent Delivery of oxygen based on the various requirements and needs a COPD patient may have. They are also energy efficient and easy to use. The setting available in these portable oxygen concentrators makes it a single solution that removes the need for solutions requiring multiple devices. The best oxygen solutions by Inogen include the following;

Inogen One G2: Inogen One G3:
oxygen solutoins Inogen-G21 oxygen concentrator Oxygen Solution Inogen-One-G3-POC Oxygen Concentrator

Airsep Portable Oxygen Concentrator Solutions

The Airsep brand was the first to introduce portable oxygen concentrators to the market and changed the paradigm. Offering different settings based on your requirement, each of these models offer COPD patients mobility and convenience. The best oxygen solutions available by Airsep include the following;

Airsep Focus: Airsep FreeStyle: Airsep SeQual Eclipse 5:
oxygen solutions AirSep Focus oxygen concentrator oxygen solutionsAirsep FreeStyle poc oxygen concentrator oxygen solution Airsep-SeQual-Eclipse-5 oxygen concentrator


Respironics Portable Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen Solutions Respironics SimplyGo 5 Oxygen Concentrator

The Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the only POC device that offers both continuous flow and pulse dose delivery of oxygen in a single solution that weighs only 4.5kg.

FAA Approved airlines include the following;

·         Aegean Airlines ·         China Southern Airlines ·         South African Airways
·         Aer Lingus ·         Continental Airlines ·         Southwest
·         Air Canada ·         Delta ·         Sun Country
·         Air China ·         EasyJet ·         Swiss Air Lines
·         Air France ·         Emirates ·         Turkish Airlines
·         Air Iceland ·         Frontier ·         United Airlines
·         Air New Zealand ·         Hawaiian Airlines ·         US Airways
·         Air Malta ·         Iberia ·         Virgin Atlantic
·         Air Tahiti Nui ·         Icelandair ·         Virgin Australia
·         Airtran Airways ·         Japanese Airlines ·         WestJet Airlines
·         Alaska Airlines ·         Jet Blue
·         American Airlines ·         KLM
·         Alitalia ·         Lufthansa
·         All Nippon Airways ·         Mango
·         Allegiant Air ·         Qantas
·         Avianca Airlines ·         Ryanair
·         British Airways ·         Singapore Airlines

If you cannot decide which brand to opt for, you can simply request a product demo to help you make a decision on which portable oxygen solution to opt for. Call Oxygen Solutions Australia on 1300 558 947!