The renowned manufacturer Philips’ lightest oxygen concentrator named Respironics Simplygo is now available Australia wide. A person’s daily requirement of oxygen therapy can now be supplied by this one oxygen machine.

The Simplygo can be your perfect companion for a visit to the park, malls or even on a vacation.

This machine has an array of mindful accessories to supports its usability and durability. The modern pouch has an impact absorbent neoprene covering, molded impact hard base with air vent and a pocket in the rear for storage of spare battery.

This is one of the first portable oxygen machines capable of performing pulse constantly and sleep modes in a lightweight 4.5kg overall weight.


Pulse Mode

Prescribed quantity is released through a pulse when inhaling, increasing the efficiency of the concentrator.

Continuous Mode

Oxygen flows continuously up to 2 LTR per minute. This is required when a mask is used such as CPAP.

Sleep Mode

It has raised sensitivity and a softer pulse in action when asleep. The breathing rate is monitored and if there’s no detection it will change to continuous flow until breathing is detected again.



It is important to remember that COPD patients need 24hr/7 day oxygen use and using a high-quality concentrator with durability in the forefront is vital.  The Simplygo is a unit manufactured with a higher level of attention paid to its design and durability in comparison to other portable oxygen units.

Before the unit leaves the manufacturing plant every Simplygo unit is strictly tested on their impact, vibration and utmost temperatures in a situation where the unit is used continuously. To ensure long years of usage, it undergoes 4 hours of operation before it is passed to exit the manufacturing plant.

Air Travel

It is advisable to get a prescription from a medical practitioner when traveling by air as some airlines might request for same.