Inogen One G2


Inogen One Generation 2 – New and Improved!

Inogen One Portable Oxygen System

Inogen discarded existing paradigms to design and build an oxygen concentrator that redefines how oxygen therapy is delivered. Described by industry experts as “a technological breakthrough”, the Inogen One G2 is a complete departure from current mainstream technologies – both the standard large, bulky, stationary concentrator systems and the inefficient and impractical portable devices. Working with experts and conserver technology, Inogen’s engineers developed, tested and delivered a technology that eliminates the need to choose between a stationary or portable oxygen system.

  • Australia’s No.1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)
  • The Professional Choice in Portable Oxygen Therapy
  • Inclusive 3 Year Warranty
  • 25,000 hour compressor life – the longest of any POC on the market!
  • Extended run-time battery runs 7-8 hours on a single charge!
  • No More Tanks to refill
  • No More deliveries
  • No More hassles with air travel
  • It’s small, lightweight, clinically proven, suitable for stationary and portable use, during the day and at night and can go virtually anywhere any time!

Can I travel with my Inogen one on an Airline?

  • Weight: 7.1 pounds (3.2kgs)**
  • Size: Length: 10.7 inches (27.18cm), Width: 3.9 inches (9.91cm), Height: 9.5 inches (24.13cm)**
  • Flow Setting: Five flow settings from 1-5 - Supplies from 1 to 5 liters per minute of pulse dose oxygen.
  • Noise Level: 38 Decibels*
  • Battery: Duration (single battery): up to 3.5 hours*
    Duration (double battery): up to 7 hours*
    Recharge 2.25 hours (single battery) with AC or DC power*
    Recharge 4.25 hours (double battery)
    with AC or DC power*

* At setting 2
** Includes single battery

To Purchase Outright: $4500
To Hire: from $50 per week *conditions apply
G2 Pricing Options

The battery runtime of the Inogen One G2 will vary based on the flow setting and the battery in use.

  • Setting 1 – 4 hours 12 cell or 8 hours 24 cell
  • Setting 2 – 3.5 hours 12 cell or 7 hours 24 cell
  • Setting 3 – 2.7  hours 12 cell or 5.4 hours 24 cell
  • Setting 4 – 2.2 hours 12 cell or 4.4 hours 24 cell
  • Setting 5 – 2 hours 12 cell or 4 hours 24 cell

These approximate values only. A flow setting of 1 indicates a 1 liter per minute dose where a flow setting of 5 indicates a 5 liter per minute dose. Delivered as a pulse dose. Using the larger 24 cell Inogen G2 battery provides twice the battery life of the 12 cell.

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